Armed Services and Veteran Affairs
Works closely with agencies responsible for providing services to members of the Armed Forces and Veterans to ensure programs are administered fairly and justly to the minority community.
Promotes positive images in the media and works to eliminate employment segregation in radio, television, and other areas of this industry.
Community Coordination
Enlists the support of other community organizations on issues affecting the interests of minority groups.
Economic Development
Works to preserve and expand economic empowerment through research, partnerships with public and private entities, and the promotion of business ownership and homeownership.
Seeks to eliminate segregation and other discriminatory practices in public education.
Studies the financial needs of the Branch and shall be responsible for drafting an adequate annual budget.
Freedom Fund
Plans and conducts fundraising activities in conjunction with the Finance Committee.
Works to promote, protect and maintain the health of the community by advocating for equal access to health education, treatment, care and research.
Studies housing conditions in the community and addresses complaints while opposing all restrictive housing practices.
Labor and Industry
Works to eliminate discriminatory employment practices with regard to wages, training, promotion and dismissals.
Legal Redress
Investigates all cases reported, supervises all litigation in which the Branch interested and serves as liaison to the National Office.
Membership/Life Membership
Works to maintain and increase membership by organizing membership campaigns, soliciting new members and securing renewals.  Focuses on recruiting Life Members and sponsors a continuing program to this end.
Political Action
Works to increase the number of registered voters, seeks the repeal of racially discriminatory legislation and improve the administration of justice.
Press and Publicity
Secures publicity for the work of the Branch and the Association and serves as liaison to The CRISIS.
Religious Affairs
Works to give moral and ethical interpretation to civil rights initiatives and enlist the support of religious groups of all denominations.
Youth Work
Coordinates programs and serves as advisors and mentors for senior and youth groups.
Women in the NAACP (WIN)

Addresses civil rights issues affecting women and children and shall carry out other civil and cultural activities to enhance membership and provide financial support to the Branch. Committee consists of a Chairperson and/or Co-Chairperson and at least three (3) other members.

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